Astroboy's aid is summoned by ambassador Nobby Nobody from the Land of Goshen. His mission is to help Ditto, the world's first robot president, to crush Prince Upley and his clandestine army of robot haters. This episode, while one of the most faithful to th original manga, caused quite a stir among parents concerned about violence on american TV. Among the complaints were the treatment of Astroboy's friends (who are variably crushed by water absorbing stones, hung from crosses and electrocuted) and Astroboy's frequent use of his 'butt-guns' (machine guns hidden in Astro's rear). This was also among the first episodes I saw in adulthood, and stands in my opinion as one of the best in the series.

Inspector Pompous is crucified by the sinister Prince Upley on the cover of an original MANGA chapter of "Ditto"