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Emi and Yumi Ito jumped from Japanese cha-cha sweethearts to international b-movie icons when they portrayed the melancholy captured fairies who chanted "Mo-su-rah" in Toho's classic 'Mothra'. Though they appeared in only three of the Toho monster epics, they made such an impression, that their screen roles overpower that of the monsters themselves!! This is their very first vinyl offering from 1959, including classics like 'Quizas' ('Perhaps')
The Peanuts
King LKF 1060

Tracc 01 Petite Fleur
Track 02 Quien Sera
Track 03 Yoneyama Sankara
Track 04 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
Track 05 Come Prima
Track 06 Historia De Una Amor
Track 07 Chakkiri Cha Cha
Track 08 Passion Flower

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This 1963 album of traditional Japanese melodies was quite a departure from their earlier latin flavored recordings, but falls right in line with the exotic sounds from Infant Island in 'Mothra', 'Godzilla Vs The Thing' and 'Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster'.
The Peanuts - The Folk Songs
King Records - SKG 4

Track 01 Gion Kouta
Track 02 Fukagawa Kuzushi

Track 03 Danchone - Bushi
Track 04 O-Edo Nihon Ba Shi
Track 05 Yoimachis - Gusa
Track 06 Kama No Nagare Ni Sute - Ogi
Track 07 Kitakami Yakyoku
Track 08 Seki No Go Hon - Matsu
Track 09 Oshima - Bushi

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